05 November 2010

Thank Heaven for Paris...

I have been thinking about travelling...
Each time we travel to a new place, no matter where it is, 
a little bit of that place stays with us. It could be a memory of a beautiful location,
the feeling when you experience something magical or it could be 
as simple as that little sigh of relief when you take the time to relax.

It is one of the beauties of getting away, even if only for a day.
We remember these special times in different ways. 
For some, memories will come thru photos, books, clothes, jewelry, 
paintings, music etc.... In the end we find what makes it meaningful to us.

Each time I travel I look for items that I will use frequently.
I want to be reminded of my experience
as often as possible. In Paris, I buy French Fragonard soaps.
They smell wonderful and are like butter in my hands.
I can't imagine a day without them.

I find all sorts of ways to cherish memories
and try to incorporate them into my daily life wherever possible.
Lately it seems that each time I travel
I come home and re-think my closet.

It was hard not to get swept up in the beauty of 
fashion around Paris last week. 
So many ideas to be had....

Fulfilling my love for colour, satin and velvet...

and the classics...
I  love the notion of these red pants by Amin Kader... 
and the Ralph Lauren cashmere shawl...love, love, love that!
They remind me of Ingrid Bergman and Casablanca.

A few black evening ensembles at Ralph Lauren..

and something traditional and a bit edgy for city life.
(my favourite is Franch Namani on the left)

Whatever your fancy...you can find it in Paris.

More on men and window shopping for Mr. H here.

Looking for inspiration? A friend once told me
she likes to buy French magazines. I tried it and it works.
No matter that I can not read a word...I just grab a pair
of scissors and clip to my heart's content :)

I think Maurice Chevalier in the movie Gigi
sums up women and fashion in Paris
ever so eloquently.

Thank heaven for little girls because 
we do grow up in the most delightful ways!


PS...Thanks for your well wishes on my previous post, I am feeling much better :)

images~ me
Stores are indicated where possible. 
I got a little caught up in it all and forgot to note 
some of the stores as I was taking photographs.
You Tube: turinethefool | 
Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
Music by Frederick Loewe
Performed by Maurice Chevalier


  1. Oh Jeanne,
    Paris is so inspirational, isn't it ? The clothes, the food, the skincare, the lingerie. They do it all so well....it really does make me want to change my wardrobe, buy new cookery books and splash out on skincare. It really is a beautiful city and such a joy to visit.
    It's good to hear that you are feeling so much better. XXXX

  2. I love soaps and french milled ones seem to be the gold standard...I have yet to enjoy a Fragonard soap...or visit Paris.
    Your images are rich and lovely.
    Glad that you are feeling better...that day of movies and tissues seemed like it worked!

  3. Paris definitely made me want to rethink my wardrobe. I'm not sure I succeeded. I was actually talking with my knitting group today about facials and how French women spend more money on skin care than makeup. Do you suppose it's too late to start at "midlife"? I think a facial is in order. ;-)

  4. I agree with you all here..just a few little tweaks to our daily routine and we can feel like a new woman. Find the inspiration where you can..it could come from anywhere.

    Karen...I think it is never to late to start anything in 'midlife' and facials are definitely top of the list. I say go for it and make it a really good one, as often as you can :)

  5. This post was a feast for the eyes and such a lovely treat! I love Paris as well. That purple dress was so beautiful. I am looking forward to returning there next Spring! Hope you have a lovely day! (Many thanks for your kind and supportive comments on my blog. I have thought of your words often.)

  6. Name dropper :)...you've listed so many fine names known all over the world...

  7. You think like I do, I can see that. We have the same tastes and loves...only different budgets...lol! I get my french soaps at TJ Maxx....but maybe someday...

  8. Glad you are feeling better Jeanne...you sound like your old self again!
    Chanel-ing our inner french woman...a nice way to start the day!

  9. So beautiful Jeanne! Every time I travel, I always look for items which I use in my daily life frequently. I loooove this (but I think this is a typical female wish, isn`t it? ;))
    But I need these special reminders of the last vacation in the house...just a little bit like the old conqueror brougth spices and fabrics to their homecountry... :)
    Paris must be beautiful! Beate XXX

  10. What a delightful post. I think it tells all about how you are such a good traveler Jeanne. Always ready to embrace wherever you are. So glad you're feeling better! and thank you, as always, for your sweet words whenever you visit.
    xoxo, Stephanie

  11. Glad you are feeling better :)

    I loved reading your comments over at mine yesterday! It does sound as though as I was walking in your footsteps!!

    We stayed parallel to Rue de Rivoli!! I saw Angelina's mentioned in the Time Out Paris guide I bought to read on the way over on Eurostar....I'll have to try it next time :)

    I saw lots of gorgeous fashion in the windows but that was probably the one thing I didn't do, clothes-shopping wasn't going to happen with the children! But that's fine :)

    I did buy French Vogue though and have been perusing it happily :)

    Did you make it to Sephora? I imagine you might have avoided it with your daughter, she might have refused to leave!! The huge store on the Champs Elysees really is fantastic - even my husband admired it....and that's saying something LOL!!


  12. Ahhh Paris!! how I do miss it now more than ever!
    fabulous post today...thank you for this beautiful post.

  13. Jeanne... I bring home a piece of jewelry from every place I visit but I must admit that I buy boxes of lovely french soaps on a regular basis, a very sweet indulgence! Lovely post, as always!

  14. that is a really cool idea, to come home from a trip with something that you can USE daily to remind you of that trip and bring back sweet memories.
    I like that

    the cloths are gorgeous. But I think I'd have to be 30 lbs thinner to pull it off, and probably wouldn't be appreciated in my neck of the woods....seriously, WOODS.

  15. What lovely photographs and so glad you had such a great time with memories to draw upon and treasure for ever. Agree, Fragonard soaps are so special. x


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